KoolKompany Ethical Manufacturing Videos

KoolKompany Fairtrade Cotton Clothing Products for Business

Videos of the KoolKompany production and manufacturing process

During visits to the factory in Mauritius, the KoolKompany founding partners Mike and Andy want to learn in detail about how their ethical clothing is actually being made. They think that an interesting way for them and their customers to learn about the processes in the factory for handling the Fairtrade cotton and the manufacturing process is to video some of the stages of manufacture.

So in this section we take you on a journey through the factory, from the pre-production process, through dyeing and cutting of the Fairtrade cotton/polyester cloth, all the way through to the stage where those KoolKompany client schools who have made that ethical choice can see how their individual school logos are embroidered onto their Fairtrade cotton/polyester polos.

We then show a typical 'warts and all' discussion between the KoolKompany founding partners and Mauritius factory managers on some of the issues surrounding ethical trading. Finally, we show a personal message from the managing director of our principal manufacturer to our clients about the benefits of Fairtrade cotton and what it means to wear a Fairtrade cotton garment.

The pre-production process

The cotton dyeing process explained

Red nose day in the dyeing factory

Lunch time for the dye factory workers

Polo Production Supervision

The intricate art of cloth cutting

Koolskools polos - double stitching in action

The polo placket

Collars and cuffs

A Koolskools polo shirt is prepared for embroidery

Koolskools state of the art embroidery

The Factory prints on Koolskools hoodies

Koolskools interview Managers about fairtrade cotton

A message from the garments factory to UK school students