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KoolKompany Fairtrade Cotton Clothing Products for Business

How does a company get the FAIRTRADE Mark on a cotton product?

Look for the FAIRTRADE Mark on cotton products.

For a cotton product to carry the FAIRTRADE Mark it must meet international Fairtrade Standards, which are set by Fairtrade International (FLO). When you see the Cotton FAIRTRADE Mark on a garment it means that the cotton in that garment has been sourced from Fairtrade certified small-scale cotton farmer organisations in developing countries who have been paid a fair and stable price for their crop, and an extra amount, the Fairtrade Premium which they decide collectively how to spend, on improving their farm businesses, their lives and their communities.

The Fairtrade cotton product has also been produced in a fully certified supply chain where there is full traceability of the cotton. Every operator in the supply chain from the ginner to the spinner, knitter, weaver, dyer, garment factory and sub-contractor has to be certified to handle Fairtrade cotton.

Supply chain operators are asked for independent evidence that they are making efforts to meet recognised labour standards, although ultimately it is the responsibility of the brand or company to ensure that these standards are being met.

In this spirit, KoolKompany conducts independent assessment visits to all of the various elements of its supply chain to ensure that the ethical trading standards set out in our business partnership vision are being maintained.

What motivates companies to work with Fairtrade cotton?

Supporting Fairtrade helps to promote a fair and responsible attitude to trading across the globe

There are many reasons why small and large companies alike choose to work with Fairtrade cotton.

It may be a question of meeting consumer demand for evidence of a more ethical approach, Corporate Social Responsibility strategy and objectives, demonstrating broader ethical commitments, competitive advantage, PR and marketing opportunities, staff and customer engagement or introducing new or refreshed product ranges - or a mixture of all of those.

In the case of KoolKompany, Fairtrade cotton and what it stands for is an integral part of the KoolKompany business ethos, reflected in the fact that every single KoolKompany-labelled garment contains Fairtrade certified cotton and carries the cotton FAIRTRADE Certification Mark.

The Fairtrade movement that working with Fairtrade is a catalyst for change, encouraging more responsible sourcing practices and accountability for how product is produced.

Some Companies Who Offer Fairtrade Certified Products

Clipper Teas:

KoolKompany are enthusiastic about raising awareness of Fairtrade cotton in the businesses they work with and in the wider community