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Its time to realise and harness the multitude of benefits Fairtrade cotton can offer to your business

Fairtrade is becoming an increasingly powerful phenomenon in the corporate world.....and KoolKompany is glad to be in the vanguard of suppliers of Fairtrade cotton garments to German and British business.

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When the Director of Oxfam GB, Barbara Stocking, said that 'no-one could have anticipated the enormous impact that Fairtrade would have........in business boardrooms country-wide', with the benefit of hindsight this was perhaps one of the understatements of recent years.

Fairtrade products are now more popular than ever in the UK. Just ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight 2014 the Fairtrade Foundation announced that sales of Fairtrade products in the UK rose by 14% in 2013 to £1.78bn.

Speaking on the back of the announcement, Michael Gidney, Chief Executive of the Fairtrade Foundation, said: "It's 20 years since the very first Fairtrade products appeared in the UK, and the appetite for Fairtrade is still growing despite challenging economic conditions. The UK is truly a world leader for Fairtrade and we're proud of that."

The UK has more than 4,500 Fairtrade certified products on sale.

Fairtrade cotton work wear is a very new phenomenon. KoolKompany is one of the first niche companies trading in Fairtrade cotton to pioneer the roll-out of Fairtrade cotton work wear. The important distinction with Fairtrade cotton work wear is that the Fairtrade Cotton Mark (see the images below) can be shown on the outside of the garment, eg on a polo sleeve. It can thus be worn as a visible statement of a company's Corporate Social Responsibility credentials, alongside the corporate brand. KoolKompany believes that companies with a sturdy ethical foundation who make the change to Fairtrade cotton work wear will be sending a strong reinforcing message to their customers, as well as breaking new ground in the promotion of Fairtrade cotton and ethical manufacturing.

KoolKompany present a polo shirt to Helluvit Cars

Corporates can wear the Fairtrade cotton mark on the outside of their work wear garments

So as KoolKompany can provide high quality work wear garments made with Fairtrade certified cotton, we think this is a practical and effective way for businesses to show their customers that they really want to do business in a different way