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Building long term relationships throughout the supply chain is a core KoolKompany policy.

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Making sure that the factory workers are fairly paid and treated well is a corner stone of KoolKompany's business philosophy.

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White Gold

Sometimes referred to as White Gold. Cotton just picked ready to embark on its journey to become a KoolKompany garment.

Business Clothing

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KoolKompany is a new and dynamic ethical clothing company. We work tirelessly to improve the lives and living standards of cotton workers and their families in the developing world by ensuring they get a fairer deal in an industry free of exploitation. Our corporate partners' CSR credentials are directly enhanced as a result, thereby making it a winning proposition all round. KoolKompany believes in "trade not aid" and are one of the few truly ethical corporate clothing pioneers.

KoolKompany will work closely with your company or public sector body to produce bespoke, ethically manufactured Fairtrade cotton work wear of the very highest quality, and at affordable prices. By directly sourcing through our totally transparent and ethical Fairtrade cotton manufacturing chain, we can combine with like-minded organisations to create visible, accountable corporate clothing procurement programmes that have real impact on the third world cotton farmers and textiles factory workers that we work with.

Providing Ethical Clothing in the UK & Germany

KoolKompany manufacturers assure that their working practices meet universally accepted World Trade Organisation standards. KoolKompany has also conducted independent assessment visits to ensure that these standards are met in practice.
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The KoolKompany Fairtrade Cotton Supply Chain

KoolKompany are proud to have set up and established a Fairtrade supply Chain. Our main aim through sourcing Fairtrade cotton is to make a long term contribution to the ability of Fairtrade cotton producers in developing countries to shape and enhance their own lives by setting up a Fairtrade cotton supply chain.

KoolKompany Fairtrade cotton business clothing

Fairtrade is becoming an increasingly powerful phenomenon in the corporate world.....and KoolKompany is glad to be in the vanguard of suppliers of Fairtrade cotton garments to German and British business. View our Fairtrade cotton business clothing.

Fairtrade Cotton Certified Clothing

As a registered Fairtrade licensee, all of KoolKompany's clothes contain Fairtrade certified cotton. Our cotton farmers receive a fair price for their crop and a little extra to invest in their lives and communities. We believe and assist companies to embrace Fairtrade cotton work wear to help project the same message to their customers and promote Fairtrade cotton and ethical manufacturing.

Latest KoolKompany News & Events

Koolkompany Fairtrade Cotton garments and the corporate world.
Koolkompany is now in talks with several large corporates, and we find that once again Scotland is leading the way! North Link Ferries, based in Aberdeen, have purchased our polo shirts made with Fairtrade cotton for their workforce. During Fairtrade Fortnight in March this year, Peter Hutchinson, Senior Manager for Vessel Support Services at North Link Ferries, met Andy at a Fairtrade evening in Aberdeen. Peter, along with other Fairtrade enthusiasts, met Pamela L'Intelligent, a machinist from our factory in Mauritius, who told many audiences her story of how Fairtrade had helped her to escape poverty (see our blog on the visit). See the report for a photo of Peter wearing a Koolkompany polo, together with FT Banana!